Global Technology Finance has merged with Hitachi Capital America. Our new partner brings more resources, recognition, and opportunities to our clients, vendors, and distributors.



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Global Technology Finance, LLC (GTF) appeared on Worldwide Business, with kathy ireland® and talked about challenges and opportunities Technology Resellers face today.

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We provide the capital to turn our client partner’s vision and opportunity into their reality.

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Global Technology Finance, LLC (GTF) is a leading provider of working capital in the technology marketplace. Through its transformative flooring and other capital solutions, GTF partners with lots of VARs—Technology Resellers, Telecom Providers, Logistics Service Providers, Diversity-owned businesses and other VARs serving the technology industry.

Beginning in 1998, GTF brought innovative thinking to the world of VAR finance by developing financial solutions designed specifically for the VAR’s needs.  In the Channel world—where bank lines and vendor credit aren’t always the perfect fit—GTF’s transformative flooring stands alone in its ability to work hand-in-hand with VAR businesses to meet their unique financial needs. And it works, as GTF has funded over $11 billion in technology transactions to date!

Technology Resellers

Unlike traditional flooring, GTF relies exclusively on the outstanding credit of the end customer accounts. That means NO restrictive financial covenants, NO line caps, NO personal guaranties, NO administration fees and NO bad debt risk. GTF also provides 100% PO financing so there is NO capital squeeze, ever!

GTF maintains open credit terms at over 500++ Technology Vendors and Distributors and adds more all the time.  Using GTF’s vendor neutral approach, VARs get 100% financing at the vendors they know and trust with UNLIMITED buying power and MAXIMUM flexibility.  This has resulted in 39% (++) year-over-year revenue growth!

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Technology Vendors

GTF helps its vendors and distributors sell more through the Channel.  Through its transformational flooring finance solution, GTF pays all the VAR’s vendors and distributors precisely per terms by managing the funding process and making direct payment.  This increased capital availability allows VARs to go after big sales, with GTF paying the vendors and Distributors every step of the way.

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