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Global Technology Finance, LLC (GTF) appeared on Worldwide Business, with kathy ireland® and talked about challenges and opportunities Technology Resellers face today.

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We started as a VAR. We know our industry, both its’ unique challenges and many opportunities. We back our client partners 100% every way possible and applaud loudly their remarkable growth and success.

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We provide the capital to turn our client partner’s vision and opportunity into their reality.

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Capital Software Solution

Finally! Capital to grow your business, software to run it. One company, one channel-specific solution, GTF.

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GTF is a leading provider of Supply Chain Finance Solutions in the technology marketplace. We currently partner with and provide financing for Technology Resellers, Logistics Service Providers, Telecom and Diversity businesses serving the technology industry. Since 1998, our team has successfully funded now over $10 billion in technology transactions! 

Technology Resellers

With OPEN CREDIT at over 560++ Technology Vendors and our 100% financing, Technology Resellers can grow their business without constraints or added capital. Our partners have experienced a 39% (++) year over year revenue growth with our program.
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Technology Vendors

We help our Technology Vendors sell more through their partners/dealers AND get paid precisely per terms, by managing the funding process and making direct payment. Our Vendor payment processing service eliminates the capital risks and administrative constraints of the Technology Reseller, Dealer and Logistics partner (VAR). Read more.