Global Technology Finance, LLC (GTF) is a leading provider of working capital in the technology marketplace.  Through its transformative flooring and other capital solutions, GTF partners with lots of VARs—Technology Resellers, Telecom Providers, Logistics Service Providers, Diversity-owned businesses and other VARs serving the technology industry.

Custom, flexible financial solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of both VARs and Vendors.

A growth solution designed for VARs and Vendors by technology providers… The founders of GTF understand the unique challenges and opportunities of VARs because we used to be one. In a fast-paced business world, given the market fluctuations and sudden demands your business may encounter, GTF makes it easy for you to secure and have immediate access to funding. We are able to reach decisions promptly, and our agreement process requires no personal guarantees* or restrictive financial covenants. We do not have pre-set credit limits and we are transparent to your vendors and customers.


GTF provides financial support. Fees and our costs can vary depending on the particular financing need, but due to strong support from over 500++ Vendors and Distributors that work with GTF every day, finance fees are highly competitive. Contact us for a specific analysis and proposal today.

100% financing

GTF partners with you to give your business the flexibility it needs. Typically, the more product you sell, the less liquidity you have. GTF breaks that cycle by providing 100% cash credit for the end customer accounts. With the GTF proprietary Vendor payment process, VARs can feel confident in knowing they will maintain control over critical end customer and vendor relationships while GTF operates as a behind-the-scenes partner.

Strong financial foundation

GTF capital provides a strong financial foundation to the VAR, solving the competing financial needs of the vendor and end customer resulting in growth and profit. Our proven, transformational flooring and other capital solutions are designed specifically for the VAR industry. We provide real financial solutions where traditional financial partners cannot:

  • NO personal guaranties*
  • NO restrictive financial covenants
  • NO administration fees
  • NO line caps
  • NO bad debt risk
*Situationally dependent.
Think of us as a behind-the-scenes partner that provides 100% of the structure and financing to allow your company to grow without you giving up control. You maintain all end customer contacts and independence with increased Vendor buying power.